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Indian Head Massage

This massage begins by spreading warm oils onto the top of the back, shoulders, arms and neck and then we focus on releasing all the tension in the muscles in this area the pressure is very much dictated by our clients. We then move on to the head where we can use oils dependant on the clients wishes and begin a wonderful scalp massage to release any tension that could lead to headaches and migraines, we finish the therapy with a wonderful face massage again using oils dependant on the clients wishes. this is extremely relaxing and helps with sinus problems or congestion. We then move onto the ears where we massage all the reflex point so that we can access every part of the body to address any energy is great for lymphatic drainage which will help to flush all the toxins from the body which can preventing infections and disease.

This is a wonderful therapy and will help clients with sinus, congestion issues, headaches, tension, stress,and will leave the client feeling wonderfully relaxed and knowing that the energy flow around the body is working more efficiently which in turn helps the body’s own natural healing system.