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Hypnotherapy is fast becoming the preferred way to treat many issues that get in the way and prevent people from living a happy and fulfilled life.

Here at RedDee we have had lots of success helping clients with the following issues:

Confidence Building/Relaxation/Self Belief

Stress/ Anxiety/Depression


Weight Loss/Weight Management

Smoking Cessation


Driving Test Anxiety

and much much more.

Hypnotherapy can help you take control of your life and make significant changes to the issues that get in your way.

It is a wonderful relaxing therapy where you are always in control and in a safe environment, where you can be open and honest knowing that everything that is discussed is completely confidential.

We always offer a free consultation so that you can decide if it is the right therapy for you with no obligation to make an appointment.  You have to be RedDee to make the changes and the consultation is a great way to find out if it is time for you.

Cost is £50.00 and last for about 1 hour.

The number of sessions a client requires very much depends on each individual we would recommend a minimum of 3 sessions, but changes can be made even after one session in some cases.